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Cook Talk

Kindergarten Cook
Hi, Ive just started a new job as a cook. I cook for up to about 50 children so I am after some recipes to try out, need to be really easy and not time consuming. At the moment i just give them fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, pasta, mashed potatoes etc. Any more ideas?
USDA has a HUGE collection of recipes for school kids that meet the national recommendations, and there are now terrific sites on helping kids develop healthy, wide-ranging food tastes.

You have the opportunity to make a real difference in these kids health for the rest of their lives- don't waste it! Keep in mind that kids love to cook and are much more enthusiastic about new foods if they have helped get them ready.

You can use any recipe, just be aware that kids 6 and under eat 1/2 an adult serving as their serving. Write back any time.

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