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wedding for 200 people
gib j
iam doing a wedding for 200 people they want rice , beans , brisket , and sausage how much of each would u say i would need , thks and God bless
You have some negotiating to do, Gib. A wedding reception is the most difficult catering job of all. Remember that, even if you do EXACTLY what they ask and the results are not perfect, it will all be your fault.

Are you doing just these foods? Do they expect you to grill at the wedding? Are you supposed to set up and serve, or just drop off the food? These people need an appetizer plan, salad and slaw, bread, etc., your foods can't carry the whole party.

Also, you have to prepare these foods in a licensed kitchen or at site to be legal, and for your own protection, get event liability insurance. If a guest or worker believes they are sick or injured at the party, you can be sued. If the wedding party is unsatisfied, you can be sued, or they may refuse to pay you!

Smart commercial caterers have a nailed down written contract where they are paid 1/2 before the event and 1/2 at the event (not later...) and it specifies the number of guests and how much will be served, who the leftovers belong to (usually the caterer, NOT the party givers), the fee for extra guests, and so on. So how much food is not the only, or even the first, question.

You can look at the bbq page for a start at your amount planning; I will help you with amounts more exactly once you have the answers to the questions above.

Get started on this and write back- Ellen

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