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Chinese New Year Luncheon for 100
Preparing meal for 100
Teriyaki Chicken - thighs 50 servings
Broccoli Beef 60 servings
Tofu and Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce 20 servings
Steamed Jasmine Rice 50 servings
Fried Rice (no meat) 50 servings

How much should I buy? and is it too many servings of rice? Requested to serve both. I want to make sure there is enough. Should I include something with more texture on the menu like crispy won tons? Any ideas on how to hold the broccoli beef on a steam table for 30 minutes without broccoli wilting. Thanks so much for your help.

It is VERY common with Chinese dishes for everyone to have some of everything at a Chinese dinner. It is also traditional to have 4 special dishes and a soup. So I would do two important things; increase rice and add both a vegetable dish and a soup

Teriyaki Chicken - thighs 50 servings- At least 16, up to 20 pounds chicken
Broccoli Beef 60 servings- consider add several other veg that will help the broccoli be forgiven: carrots, water chestnuts, and bamboo shoots at least. Same as chicken for the meat
Tofu and Mushrooms in Oyster Sauce 20 servings- OK, you probably won't have any left
Steamed Jasmine Rice 50 servings. Jasmine rice is absolutely not Chinese: they use long grain. At least 6 pounds dry rice, 8 would not be bad.
Fried Rice (no meat) 50 servings. See my practically perfect fried rice. Do 10 times the recipe, not all at once.

Now about the soup, egg drop is simple and classic, and you would only need 4 gallons.

For the veg dish, 24 pounds ready to cook veggies, maybe a classic like baby bok choy in garlic sauce, or something like green beans in black bean sauce; or take a look at this article for more inspiration:

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