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Reheating bread
I work with a Food Program that feeds the hungry each day. Today, we received a donation of individually wrapped, fully baked, breadsticks... not the thin cracker-type, but more like a small baguette. I'd like to reheat them, but they are individually wrapped in plastic wrap, so unwrapping them won't be a viable option. I'm thinking that it might be OK to wrap a bunch of them in a clean bath towel and put them all in a low oven (on a sheet tray, of course)? To me, warm bread always tastes better, but I might have to give up on that plan!
You do not want to put plastic wrapped items in the oven.

I agree that warm bread is tastier than cold, but short of unwrapping, I don't have an idea how to do it. Maybe you could serve with a soup or stew with plenty of gravy to allow dipping?

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