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chicken dumpling soup for 300 person wedding
john depola
Hello. I jave a great recipe for this soup but i only make a gallon or so at a time. Being a banquet chef. For many years i jave never been asked to make on such a large scale. So could you please give me some base figures on quantities. Especially for the dumplings. I know i will need about 9 gallons per 100 guests. So im looking at 27 gallons of finished product. Thank you .....john
Unless it is the only entree, 6-7 gallons per 100 is plenty. The dumpling ratio stays the same per gallon as it would for just one gallon. If you precook the dumplings and add just to warm through, which is best for not cooking them to mush, it is about 4 ounces precooked per quart of soup, or a pound per gallon.

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