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How much to cook for 85 people
I am catering for my daughters 21st. I am making a chicken Red Thai Curry and a Veggie green curry with Chick peas with tender stem broccoli, carrots, baby sweet corns and peppers. I am also doing Thai Fragrant Rice.

So my problem is how much of each dish to make as the guest will have a spoonfull of each of the dishes.


MMMMM. Rice, at least 12 pounds dry, 16 would not be too much if most of the guests are her age (hungry).
Chicken curry, 5 gallons
Vegetable curry, 3 gallons

One of the wonderful Thai soups, 5 gallons, would be a terrific addition. If you do the little crispy spring rolls, 3 per person. If you do the large soft summer rolls, 1 per person, cut them in half, 1 cup dipping sauce with peanuts per 6.

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