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donated cater for 285/ppl 60min reception-volumes
Hi Ellen,
I'm a small niche caterer and am a member of local chamber of commerce. I was asked to donate for one of their sponsored events and I foolishly said YES! Event size mushroom from 125 to 285 for 60 min pre-event reception. I've changed my menu to try to cut costs but I'm struggling w/volumes as I never do events of 125 and don't have a clear idea for volumes. Fillers are marinated olives, toasted-herbed chickpeas, orzo pasta salad, Black bean & corn salad w/blue corn tortillas tomato feta salad & the hot product is Rosemary Balsamic Chicken Bites. I need to go shopping and get going but I am stumped on volumes-I attempted to spread my fillers to reduce meat costs and so I wouldn't run out of anything. Do I have too many sides/fillers? How much volume of chicken and tomatoes would you estimate to yield enough for the 60-90 min reception? It's tuesday and it's self serve
You did a great job with info and the menu looks good, but I need one more important piece of info; is this right after work when people will arrive hungry and try to eat their dinner? Or is it after dinner?

Also, 125 to 285 is a VERY big range. I will give you amounts for 100, and you will have to decide whether to do 1 2/3 or 2 1/2- it will depend on both the event and the weather , how many people will come.

Also, do you have access to a Middle Eastern grocery or a Restaurant Depot? Both have canned and jarred products that cab be kept in reserve for unexpected large attendance at a middle Eastern type menu such as this.

So write back and we will get this lined up for you.

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