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Cook Talk

lunch for 200 - beef and chicken
Hi, we are making a lunch for approx. 150 youth and 50 adults. We are serving roast beef and oven chicken
pieces- drumsticks/thighs. Making 200 pieces of chicken.
How many pounds of roast beef are needed? Beef choices
are sirloin, rump, cross rib chuck, or top round. How
much should be prepare? Thank you.
Chicken is right. If beef is buffet style, at least 60 pounds boneless if served, about 75 if self serve. Gravy helps with quantity control, , at least 1 cup per 4. Good starchy sides and bread help, too.
Top round, rump or chuck is excellent if cooked low and slow to tenderize and sliced thin (IMPORTANT). Sirloin is lovely, more tender, but pricey compared to the others. Do read the beef roasting page:

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