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Teen Pizza Party with salad
We are feeding 200 teenagers a pizza dinner for a choir festival. We are also serving tossed salad. Will teens eat as much salad as you have listed on the "plan for 100" page? Or do they tend to eat less greens? THANK YOU!
I would do 2 things; make some of the veggies finger veggies with Ranch dip, and use quite a bit of crunchy lettuce- romaine, iceberg- in the salad mix. About 1 pound ready to eat finger veggies per 10, 1 pint Ranch per pound. Then do the tossed salad you select for 100, and you will not have leftover salad. The plan for 100 shows dressing amounts and selections.

Finger veggies might include mini carrots (most popular), grape or cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, multi-color mini peppers or bell pepper strips, cauliflower bites, broccoli bites, cucumber sticks, sliced summer squash rounds, small pickles or pickle strips. In our area, we add jicama slices.

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