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Chilie for wild game dinner
I am cooking for a wild game dinner later this month. We are hoping to have around 300 there. We are going to be serving venison chili as a side option not the main mean. With that being said what proportions would I need to cook. Also what size of servings would be appropriate. We are also having fish, cole slaw, and a sample of other wild game dishes including elk, squirrel, wild hog, and rabbit.
So I need to read before I post I hope everyone knows I meant Chili.
Hi, allow a soup cup per person- 1/2 measuring cup or 4 ounces. Assuming 320, that is 160 cups, or 10 gallons. You will need to measure the output on your recipe, and you will get better flavor if you only multiply x 4 each batch. Freezing the chili will affect the flavors, so do read the safety cautions for preparing and chilling large batches, on the chili page.
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