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Mini bread loaves
I was ask if I would make bread for a wedding. She wants mini loaves. There planning 400. I make bread alot, just never mini loaves. How manyvdo i need & where di i get mini pans? Am I nuts?the wedding is last Saturday of march 2016.
First, go back and sell her on artisan mini-loaves- make some small round loaves, a bit smaller than you would use for a bread bowl, to take with you. This will save you a whole lot of expense for the loaf pans.

These would be split into two pieces and offered either on the tables or on the serving table (on the tables is better) with 1 ounce butter per person and/or dipping oil. 2 minis for each 3 people.

If you have to buy them, Target carries a 6 mini loaf non-stick pan (spray it anyway) for $10. Pro level 12 mini loaf pans cost $35-40.

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