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Sides for 250 guest
We are cooking for my nieces wedding, about 250 guest. We have cooked for family weddings before usually just the meat, so we have that covered (whole hog, ribs, pulled pork). My questions is about the sides. Will this cover 250?
20 lb cauliflower salad
20 lb garden salad
160 cups fruit salad approx.
3 gal green beans
16 lb dirty rice w/ mushrooms
30 lb potato casserole
40 lb potato salad
These look light. I mostly do these quantities in gallons, here is what I would do for this party:

20 lb cauliflower salad, I do 2 gallons per 100, so 5 gallons, which is probably at least double
20 lb garden salad, very light, see the plan for 100 salad section and do at least 2 times the amount for 100
160 cups fruit salad approx. OK
3 gal green beans, this is equal to 4 #10 cans, which is right for 100. At least 7 gallons, or 10 #10 cans.
16 lb dirty rice w/ mushrooms, I would do 18-20 pounds raw rice for 250 people
30 lb potato casserole, way short,even with the rice, at least 60 pounds
40 lb potato salad, makes about 4 gallons, you need at least 8.

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