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Croissants with grated cheese and tomato
I am hosting a men's breakfast with a speaker for 100 people. It will last 1.5hrs.
I want to do croissants with cheese and tomato
Mini savory tarts with chopped ham and cheese
What quantity of cheese and tomato do I need? And ham
An excellent option, less expensive than the croissants, would be impossible pies (crustless quiche) made in a 9x13 and cut into squares. The 9x13 takes 2 recipes to fill and cuts 12-15 squares, you would do 1 square per person.

Allow 2 tarts per person, I don't have your recipe, but you can calculate your amounts.

Fruit trays would be the optimum addition:

Also, I suggest you add either quick bread, 1 loaf per 8, or muffins, 2 mini or 1 regular per person.

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