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Cooking rice for 100
Been searching but can't see exactly what I'm looking for. Cooking rice (jasmine ) for 300 in electric roasters. Doing a chipotle bar. Serving size is 3/4 cup cooked rice per person. I don't know how much rice I can cook in the roaster so it doesn't overflow & how many servings I can get from a roaster. Have been scouring through many of your things but need a little more clarity on amounts & times of cooking. Also was wanting to use a liner in the electric roasters for easy cleanup. Doing a trial one this afternoon! 128512; Thank you!
Jewel, each roaster requires a separate electrical circuit, amnd to do this much you will need 6 circuits. I have never seen a venue with this many; in fact the most ever was 5 in a theater and we ended up running cords up to the overhead light circuits to source all the roasters. You may need to rethink this...

Anyway, is there any possibility you can use real ovens to bake?

Also, the liners won't work for boiling rice; they melt. But you may already have learned this the hard way...

Each 1 cup raw rice will serve 3, so you re looking at 100 cups raw rice- about 50 pounds of rice. Each roaster will make up to 8-9 pounds (roasters vary in size). Plus 36+ cups of water; jasmine rice varies in needed water amount depending on age.

You have to bring the water for the rice to a boil by setting the roaster at 400 until it boils, which can take over an hour, before adding the rice and turning to 350 and covering. When it is done, you fluff it and cover it back up with the roaster turned to 180.

Be sure to put a quarter cup vegetable oil into the rice cooking water to help reduce overflowing.

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