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Wedding reception 416
Cindy M Thomas
Hey Ellen, you suggested early for a nibble table before meal. We may have 1 hour wait for pictures, we are planning 120 adults, I have purchased 8 lbs of tortilla chips and 1 gal salsa, 3 lbs of mints and 6 lbs of nuts. Also will have 8 gal of punch. Do I need anything else?
I do a 3-4 part appetizer for a big occasion like a wedding reception. If you want simple, I suggest fruit trays, and cheese and crackers.
Fruit trays- purchase, 1 pound weight per 10-12, or use the deluxe tray for 100 on the fruit tray page.

Cheese trays- 10-12 pounds, some can be logs or spreads, 8 pounds crackers

Both the nuts and mints will probably be gone.

You will have about 1/2 that salsa left- it only takes about a pint per pound of chips. You might want to open, take out a quart and a half and put it directly into the fridge for later use.

thank you very much as always.
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