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Catering a Bday party for 50
Jamilla Jones
I'm catering a party for 50ppl and the menu is as follows
Appetizers - BBQ wings
Mini Brisket Sliders
Cheese and Fruit Platter
Entrees- Fried Chicken
BBQ Beef Flank Ribs
Sides - Mac -n-Cheese
Tossed Salad
My question is how many ribs do I need for each person? Flank ribs are long and thin.

Thank You

Jamilla, this menu is very meat heavy- it cries out for at least one veg, and if it is buffet, that will reduce the amount of meat needed.

Appetizers -
BBQ wings- consider legs instead, cheaper, juicier, easy to eat- 4 wing pieces, or 2 small legs per person
Mini Brisket Sliders- at least 3 for every 2 people, 1 pound ready to eat brisket serves 10-12 sliders
Cheese and Fruit Platter- 4 pounds cheeses, some can be logs or spread; 3 pounds crackers; 5 pounds fruits

Fried Chicken- 1 piece per person
BBQ Beef Flank Ribs- 2 thin piece per person- about 1 pound per 3
Sides -
Mac -n-Cheese- 6 pounds pasta, 1 quart sauce per pound, 1/2-1 pound cheese per pound
Tossed Salad - use the plan for 100 table, do 1/2
Veg- 12 pounds ready to cook any veg- maybe green beans, broccoli cuts?

Be sure to set up the appetizer table in view of the buffet table, or people will gobble the sliders, thinking that is dinner-

Does this help? I am doing a fundraising campaign to remodel the kitchen and provide the changes you readers have asked for- please click the masthead at the top of this page to go to and make a donation (fyi, a paid event like this will have a consult fee of $.25 to $.50 per guest for non-donors, so I can provide better help and more features!). Thank you.

Jamilla Jones
I know it is very meat heavy. It was worse. I got them to add the fruit platter. I'm dealing with a bunch of carnivores.Thanks so much for your help. I tried to donate last night but I had a hard time with the pay pal site. It kept directing me back to your site. Any suggestions? Could I do a bill pay to you? Thanks again
Thanks Jamilla! You can go direct to paypal and do send money to I will try to figure out the hangup!
Consider adding a gallon of something like broccoli cauliflower slaw, 3 bean salad, or even regular cole slaw as a gift; it is your rep, after all.
Jamilla Jones
Ok thanks so much. I will make the donation tonight. You have helped me quite a few times.
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