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Brisket, Fried Fish, Salmon for 40 people
Maurice Jones
I'm cooking for 40 people

pulled beef brisket
Fried Fish

2 sides
Mac -n-Cheese
Green Beans

How much do I need for meat and sides


Maurice, 3 entrees for 40 people means you will either have quite a bit left over, if you decide to try to make enough for everyone to have his/her first choice, or just expect to run out of something. Also, fried fish for a crowd can be messy and a bit dangerous, due to the hot oil.

So, consider:
Brisket-6-7 pounds ready to serve, suggest slider buns, 12 per pound. a couple quarts slice dpickles and a few pounds sliced onions.
Salmon, 8 pounds. An option would be poached/steamed and served cold, very nice for warmer weather and can be done ahead.
Fried fish, 1 piece per person, 1 cup tartar sauce per 8.

Mac -n-Cheese, 5 pounds dry pasta,quart sauce per pound, 1/2 to1 pound cheese per pound pasta
Green Beans, 10-12 pounds ready to cook

Withthis nice menu haw about a corn and black bean salsa, about a gallon?

If you want to discuss further, just write back.

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