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Cook Talk

Graduation Party
Sarah Gurd
Planning my son's graduation open house and thinking of serving pizza and garlic knots from our local pizzeria. I was thinking of having a bowl of chips out and also a veggie tray as a filler as well. I was going to ask that the 16" pizzas be party cut -- how many do you think each 16" pizza would feed? Estimating around 135 people.
If mostly teens and you have sides (chips and dip, veggie trays, fruit trays) and plenty of dessert, 5-6. Hungry, 2-3 teens can finish one.

Chips, 6-8 pounds per 100 with 1 pint dip/salsa per pound. Fruit tray, one of the deluxe fruit trays at the bottom of the fruit tray page would do. Veggie trays, see the veggie tray page. All these have buttons at the top of the main cook talk page.

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