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chicken tenders & meatballs for wedding recept
Dear Ellen, I am doing a wedding reception for 200 at 2 in the afternoon the menu is :
Chicken tenders, Meatballs, Vegetable tray, Fruit tray, cheese and crackers, fruit dip, 3different sauces for the tenders. How many tenders and meatballs should I plan for. Please help I am trying to help this bride on a tight budget.
chicken tenders & meatballs for wedding recept
Good timing, least expensive slot.

I do 10 pounds small meatballs per 100 with 3 quarts sauce. Tenders depends on the size, see if you can arrange the smaller ones and do at least 2 per person.

You might add a creamy sweet dip with ginger or lemon snaps or animal cracker dippers. 2 quarts per 100, 4 pounds cookies.

You can have some of the cheese be logs or spreads, cream cheese is helpfully inexpensive when trying to provide 15 pounds of cheeses. 6 pounds crackers per 100.

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