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Graduation Party for Approximately 300-350 People
I am having my daughter's graduation party. We are sending out 225 invites (small town grad party) and I'm planning for about 300 -350 people total. There will be other open house, style parties going on in town that night, but only about 4 or 5 others and it won't affect my entire guest list.

I am serving a soup and salad bar that includes:
lettuce salad
I will have ham and turkey available and party size buns, in case people want a sandwich.
2 different soups - wild rice and cr of potato
ALSO 2 types of boneless wings

Any suggestions for food amounts would be awesome!

You will need at least 2-3 refrigerators to hold all the food you will prep safely.
Even with a simple buffet plan, a party this size is 10-12 people besides you on the day of to set up, serve and clean up the party. Sources can include local church cooks or teen groups, diners that close after lunch, local culinary food programs such as junior colleges.

You will revel in the salad bar chart on this site, it covers all the above as well as many more ideas:

Consider adding a bean option, garbanzos or 3 bean salad, amounts indicated.
Also, a pasta salad (easier prep than potato), 6 pounds dry pasta per 100.

ham and turkey, deli slice, 1 ounce each per person
300 ounces cheeses sliced for sandwiches= 18 pounds
party size buns, slider buns, 12 per pound of meat
mustard, have yellow and brown/spicy/dijon, 18 ounces per 100
mayo 2 quarts per 100

soups, total 15 gallons, no suggestion on split, since I don't know local tastes. Might consider doing wild rice and a cold gazpacho, if it is for summer. This one is really delicious and can be made days ahead, mixed day of, plus no stove time day of.

Consider dropping the wings, they are expensive and require oven time. For this simple menu, chips and dips would be great
chips, 6 pounds potato or 8 pounds corn per 100, 1 pint dip or salsa per pound

And maybe some cut up fruit? See the fruit tray page-

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