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Scrambled eggs for 100 question
Hi Ellen -- thanks for your wonderful site - I'm sending in a donation today! Question on the scrambled eggs recipe -- you mention testing the boiling time on your roaster first -- and then take that time plus add another hour/hour and 1/2 plus another 30 minutes to cook the eggs with cool ingredients. But in the recipe itself you say cook for 50-60 minutes. Is that because you've split the recipe to 2 roasters or 3 roasters? What do you think the overall estimated time is for the recipe in just one roaster? I'm testing a 1/2 batch soon but knowing what you think will help confirm the cook time of a full batch. Thanks so much!
Thanks Stacey,

This is one of the few recipes on site which has had variable and sometimes disappointing results for some of my readers. The approximate hour is in a thoroughly preheated roaster using room temp eggs and half batches. We were able to figure out the testing method in order to discover the WIDE variation in roasters; for example, whether the heating element is on the bottom or around the side makes a difference, as well as the depth and shape of the cook pan. I definitely would no longer do eggs for 100 in just one roaster; too risky. If you turn the temp up, the edges burn before the middle cooks.

So do consider two roasters and the roaster testing- even better, look at the delicious eggy oven casseroles in the egg section and the brunch article, and do cheesy potatoes in your roasters!

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