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evening light lunch
i am planning to have a light lunch served at 11p.m. planning veggie, fruit and cheese trays, how many would i need to serve about 90 poeple
Hi, Monique,

Would you consider a little change up on the menu? At midnight, nobody cares much about veggies...

So, fruit tray- 3/4 the amounts for the deluxe tray for 100 from the fruit tray page would be about right

Cheese tray- 6 pounds, some could be spreads or logs, 6 pounds assorted good crackers and flatbreads

2 1/2 quarts sweet dip such as fruit and cream cheese with 3 pounds of ginger snaps or lemon thins or animal crackers

cookie/bar tray- 3 small (2-3 bite) pieces per person

And how about hummus, 1 gallon and here you could do the mini carrots, 2 pounds, 2 quarts cherry or grape tomatoes and 2 heads of celery cut into sticks

Now wouldn't that be an interesting snack?

Hope this helps. Now I need to ask for your help in return!
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