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Onion rings
I volunteered to cook homemade onion rings as an appetizer for a surprise birthday party, 150 guests. There will be other appetizers. Will I be able to fry 40-50 pounds of onion rings in three electric fry daddy things, large size ones? Is 40-50 pounds the right amount? Thank you for your help.
Considering that you can do about a pound per fryer at a time, you are in for a L O N G evening. A pound per 3 people is a whole medium onion per person, which is lot of onion per person. I suggest you do one pound on a family nite, look at it, and figure that the guests will eat 2 or at most 3, and recalculate.
Suzanne Johnston
This worked out very well. It took 60 large VIDALIA onions, 15 pounds of flour, half gallon of milk and six dozen eggs. I had three electric fryers and one person was able to tend all three fryers, one person to bread the onions and two to peel and slice the onions. We fried for two hours and it made the event outstanding!
Thank you so much for the feedback, it will allow me to post help for others.
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