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catering a wedding for 300
I have been asked to cater a wedding for 300 I do events but never this big how do I figure out how much food is needed???

Any help is appreciated

menu is garden salad ceaser salad 4 cheese pasta spicey shrimp pasta red pepper pasta roasted chicken--whole fried sauages with peppers and onions green beans roasted potatoes and carrots

Sherry, it depends on whether this is seated/plated or buffet, or stations. Meal or reception. Length of time. 300 people takes about 5 in the kitchen, about 18 people out front to set up, serve, and clean up the party. Also, part of the caterer's job is to help the client plan for success, and a reception like this needs an appetizer plan as well as a meal plan. If they are not receptive, consider not taking the job; if anything goes wrong it is ALWAYS the caterer's fault, even if you do exactly what the cliet asks. Wedding receptions are the most difficult of all catering assignments, and one bad one, especially this size, can ruin your reputation locally.

This menu has one too many pastas as is.Needs a straight veg dish, breads.

For buffet, I use the plan for 100 plans x 3, with an adjustment down about 5%.

You also need event liability insurance (you can be sued if a worker or guest is injured or claims food poisoning). You need a contract with 1/2 paid ahead, 1/2 day of which includes written agreement on how many people you will serve, how much extra for how many extra people and who rents equipment, tables, serving items, plates, etc. Write back.

its buffet style we will be drawing up a contract she has also asked me to draw up a bridal shower menu for 200

think I might be taking on too much

Sherry, unless you have a trained staff of at least 10 people and ability to hire temps, consider not taking the reception. I wouldn't. The menu is not adequate, and the idea of a shower for 200? Well, that is way out of the ball park.

I suggest you go to the pro boards for further advice:

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