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Cook Talk

Wedding reception
I'm providing the meal for my own wedding,
I have 50lbs of potatoes for potato salad
350 pieces of chicken from the wings to the breast.
6- 19 oz cans of chick pea to make a salad red onion tomato and cucumber how much veg do I need
greek vegetable salad no lettuce with feta cheese, olives. how much feta cheese and vegetables do I need I do need to know the amount of the list below
baked beans
pasta salad with tuna and with out tuna
potato salad with egg and without egg
how many dozen of eggs do I need.
how many green onions, radishes, cucumber, celery for potato and pasta salad
I have 1 gal of pickles and olives
how many cherry tomatoes, baby carrots , watermelon, strawberries.
Nancy, HELP! How many will be eating? Don't forget to count family/ wedding party, etc.Some things are just enough for 100, others for 200. Please write back.
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