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Cook Talk

church reception
What quantities will we need to feed 250 at noon at an after church reception?
Pork tenderloin & rolls for sandwiches
mini quiches
Tomato sandwiches
Fruit platters/dip
Veggie platters/hummus
Cheese rings
Club/townhouse crackers
Deviled eggs
Pimento cheese sammies
Hot artichoke dip
Melba toast/triscuits
Mini shrimp pot pies
Meatballs w/ grape jelly & cocktail sauce
Tomato/artichoke heart, cheese skewers
Sparkling water
JJ, hi,

Everyone will be starving. I strongly suggest you add either a pasta or potato salad, 8-10 gallons.

Pork tenderloin & rolls for sandwiches, do sliders. 1 pound raw boneless per 10 sandwiches, you slice. do at least 200 sliders, 250 not too many
mini quiches-200
Mini shrimp pot pies- skip these unless you can do over 200, you will run out and what people will remember is what they did not get, not all the good things they did get.
Meatballs w/ grape jelly & cocktail sauce, 30 pounds, 9 quarts sauce
Tomato sandwiches, 100
Pimento cheese sammies, 100

Guacamole/chips, 20 pounds corn chips, 2 1/2 gallons dip
Fruit platters/dip, use fruit tray page 2 times the deluxe tray for 100 would be plenty
Veggie platters/hummus. 5 bites veggies per person, 1 pint dip per 8-10, see the veggie tray page
Hot artichoke dip, 3-4 gallons
Melba toast/triscuits

Cheese rings, 20 pounds
Club/townhouse crackers, 15 pounds, don't open all till you see how it is going

Deviled eggs- recipe on site, I cook 4 1/2-5 dozen eggs per 100

Tomato/artichoke heart, cheese skewers, This would be a MUCH easier serve as a chopped salad/ antipasto. 1 cup per 4. about 5 gallons.

Cake, each full sheet serves 60, so at least 4.
champagne??? depends on adults. 1 standard bottle per 3-4 for light- as toasts- mimosas are more economical

Punch, 8 gallons per 100
Sparkling water???
Strongly suggest 8 gallons iced tea per 100, 1/4 to 1/3 sugar free, and consider coffee set up as well

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