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Cook Talk

bbq for 150
I am having a pool party for 150... menu is:
Hamburgers, hot dogs , sausage & peppers, Corn on cob, baked beans, mac and potato salad. How much of each do I need ?
Hamburgers, 1 per person (many men eat 2)
hot dogs, could skip with sausages, 6-8 pounds but don't open all till you see how they are going.
sausage & peppers, 1 pound sausage per 5, equal weight veggies

Buns to match the meat you select. Here are the condiments:

Sandwich Fixings for Self Serve Sandwich Bar per 100
Use All
7 heads of lettuce cored rinsed and broken for sandwiches,
12 pounds tomatoes sliced,
one gallon total sliced olives, pickles and peppers,
10 big red or sweet onions (7 pounds) thin sliced and soaked overnight in the refrigerator in water with a few tablespoons of sugar added.
mayonnaise, 2-3 quarts and/or
butter, 2-4 pounds soft
mustard, 18 ounces to 2 1/2 quarts
ketchup, 80-112 ounces
double for French fries
pickle relish, 3 quarts
sauerkraut or slaw on sandwiches, 2 qallons

Add a dozen veggie burgers or tofu dogs for any non-meat eaters, there will be some

Corn on cob, 4 pieces for 3 persons, butter

baked beans, 3 gallons (4 #10 cans) per 100

mac salad, any pasta salad with potato salad, 6 pounds dry pasta per 100 with add ins
potato salad, with pasta salad, 35 pounds raw potatoes per 100 plus add-ins

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