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Taco Bar Graduation Party
I am doing an open house graduation party and it is going to be a taco bar. I have been using your charts in the taco bar and tex mex sites for ideas on quantities. The party is at 3:30 in the afternoon and they are guessing there will be 100 people.
The menu consists of:
Taco beef
Taco chicken
Mexican rice
Refried beans
Nacho cheese dip
layered taco dip
Churro chex mix
Fruit Tray
Vegetable Tray

I am planning on the following quantities:
30 lbs ground beef
10 lbs chicken
15 lbs shredded cheese
8 heads lettuce
240 oz sour cream
5 cans black olives
8 lbs rice
12 cans of ro-tel
150 hard shells
150 soft shells
15 lbs of nacho chips
30 lbs of refried beans
Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Taco Bar Graduation Party- 100
30 lbs ground beef- 15-20
10 lbs chicken-OK
15 lbs shredded cheese- 5-6 pounds plenty
8 heads lettuce- 8 pounds
240 oz sour cream- 200 ok
5 cans black olives- 3 quarts- #10 can
8 lbs rice- ok, will you add some mixed veg?
12 cans of ro-tel, are you using this as your salsa? 4 quarts
150 hard shells- 200
150 soft shells- ok
15 lbs of nacho chips
3 #10 cans nacho cheese- 9 quarts

30 lbs of refried beans- 15-18 pounds-

Consider adding:
1 gallon sliced jalapenos
#10 can taco sauce
2 quarts chopped onions
7 pounds diced fresh tomatoes

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