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Taco Bar Graduation Party
I am doing an open house graduation party and it is going to be a taco bar. I have been using your charts in the taco bar and tex mex sites for ideas on quantities. The party is at 3:30 in the afternoon and they are guessing there will be 100 people.
The menu consists of:
Taco beef
Taco chicken
Mexican rice
Refried beans
Nacho cheese dip
layered taco dip
Churro chex mix
Fruit Tray
Vegetable Tray

I am planning on the following quantities:
30 lbs ground beef
10 lbs chicken
15 lbs shredded cheese
8 heads lettuce
240 oz sour cream
5 cans black olives
8 lbs rice
12 cans of ro-tel
150 hard shells
150 soft shells
15 lbs of nacho chips
30 lbs of refried beans
Your thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Taco Bar Graduation Party- 100
30 lbs ground beef- 15-20
10 lbs chicken-OK
15 lbs shredded cheese- 5-6 pounds plenty
8 heads lettuce- 8 pounds
240 oz sour cream- 200 ok
5 cans black olives- 3 quarts- #10 can
8 lbs rice- ok, will you add some mixed veg?
12 cans of ro-tel, are you using this as your salsa? 4 quarts
150 hard shells- 200
150 soft shells- ok
15 lbs of nacho chips
3 #10 cans nacho cheese- 9 quarts

30 lbs of refried beans- 15-18 pounds-

Consider adding:
1 gallon sliced jalapenos
#10 can taco sauce
2 quarts chopped onions
7 pounds diced fresh tomatoes

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Hello. I am struggling trying to figure out how much of each food item im gonna need for a graduation party for 200+ people?
Planning on serving:
Shredded cheese
Sour cream
Taco sauce
Hard shells
Soft shells
Nacho cheese chips
And also unsure as to how many taco seasoning packets im going to need.
Please help!
Erika, the taco/potato bar page has all these items in amounts for 100, you would just double! Button at the top of he man cook alk page.

Strongly suggest you add beans for the sake of both the tacos and nachos. About 3 #10 cans per 100, lots of recipes on this site.

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Wondering what to take into consideration for grad parties when guests have multiple parties to stop in at. Planning on approx100-120 people
Heather, it depends on how many parties, the menu, and whether you are first, last, or middle. If there are more than two parties, people eat more at the first, only stay about an hour at the middle ones, then longer at he last. In a situation of multiples, you may wan o theme specifically, such as a dessert bar or ice cream party, rather than a full meal. Can you tell me more about your situation?
100 people how much to buy
The menu consists of
Taco beef
Taco chicken
Fruit tray
Vegetable tray
Bake bean
Sausage, peppers, onions
Macaroni Salad
Graham crackers
Taco Bar Graduation Party 100 people
This menu could use some tweaks. For 100 people, too much food, and too many choices, which increases cost and waste.

100 people how much to buy
The menu consists of

Taco beef
Taco chicken
Assuming you will have taco fixings? 15 pounds beef, 10 chicken
Sausage, peppers, onions, 15 pounds sausage, 15 pounds veggies

Fruit tray- fruit tray page. With watermelon and strawberries below, about 1/2 the deluxe tray for 100 would do
Vegetable tray- use veggie tray page

Bake bean- please consider changing to a western style Ranch or borracho bean, or even refried- goes much better with both the taco meat and he Italian sausage. 3 gallons (4 #10 cans) for 100 or borracho beans this site. MAKE MEATLESS! You don' have any other entree for any non-meat eaers, and there will be some.

Macaroni Salad- pounds dry pasta plus addins, some recipes this site. Penne, rigatoni, or bowties hold better the regular macaroni

for 100, 6 pounds chips or 8 pounds corn chips, plus 1 pint salsa or dip per pound

Strawberry Whole fresh?quart per 10-12
Marshmallow??? What for? Check a bag for count ( number per serving times number of servings) and you can decide how many per person
Graham crackers???What for? As above to figure the number of boxes you need. If for somemores, consiider pre-making somemore bars, much simpler and safer
Watermelon, 1/2 pound iced whole per person

Pretzel - 6 pounds, some left

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sherri teets
Doing a wedding taco bar for 180 people will 40 lbs of beef and 40 lbs chicken be enough meat have all the toppings and rice and beans just want to be sure on the meat.
For 180 people that is more meat than I would plan- 35 beef and 30 chicken is more than enough unless you are skimping the sides.
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