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Party for 150
Hi Ellen,
I'm planning a grad party for my son. The menu is pulled pork, Italian sausage, pizza and mini sandwiches. We're expecting about 80 kids and 80 adults. Can you help with quantities? I'm also planning baked beans, cole slaw, cheeezy potatoes, pasta salad and another cold salad or two. Thank you ! I love this site!
Assuming this is over a meal time.

pulled pork, 20 pounds, makes 6 buns or 12+ slider buns per pound. 8 pounds sliced onions, 1 gallon pickle slices
Italian sausage, 20 pounds equal weight veggies
pizza, size? figure 6 slices per medium or 8 per large, 1 slice per person
mini sandwiches, skip! fussy and easy to dry out! Have a sliced cheese plate, 8-10 pounds, with crackers, 6 pounds, for any non-meat eaters. Some could be logs or spreads

baked beans, 4 1/2 gallons (6 #10 cans)
cole slaw, 4 gallons
cheeezy potatoes, 24 pounds potatoes
pasta salad, 8 pounds dry pasta to start
cold salad or two; use green salad guide on plan for 100 page; for specialty such as marinated cukes/beans, 2 gallons per 100

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