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Pizza help
Genessa Freeman
I am getting ready to go on a mission trip and will be the main cook for 30 for a week. I have everything figure out besides Pizza night. I am going to have a make your own pizza night, I have everything figure out that I am going to give everyone a slip of paper earlier in the week and they can circle what toppings they want. The question I have is how do I know how much topping to put on the pizzas. I was going to use fajita size flour tortillas as the crust.

So how much ground beef do I need per tortilla? How much pepperoni, Canadian bacon, mushrooms, black olives and such.

Somebody already figured this out. The 6" topping amounts are all the way to the left. L M H stands for li9ght, medium heavy:

Genessa Freeman
Thank you Ellen for the link.
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