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Food for a wedding
Hi Ellen,
I was wondering if you could help me figure out how much food I need to make for 150 wedding guests. The reception will be at 5 pm and it will be buffet style

The menu includes:

Potato Salad
Italian Pasta Salad
BLT Pasta Salad
Baked Beans
Green Beans
Vegetable Tray
Sweet Carrot Salad
Some sort of fruit salad

and we are roasting a pig and chicken breasts. Do you have any other suggestions to add to the menu?

Thank You

Shelly Thompson

Food for a wedding 150
Be sure that you have experienced pig roasters who will NOT be at the wedding. Day of you will also need help. day of, the bride, groom, their immediate family and wedding party have way too much to do and feel to cope with the food- so even if you do all kinds of prep ahead, PLEASE bring in folks who will not be with the wedding to set up, serve, and clean up the party. For a party this size, if the pulled pork is fully prepped ahead (not roasted day of) you are looking at 3-4 people in the kitchen and 8 or so out front to set up, serve, and clean up a buffet service. Local church kitchens and teen groups; diners that close after lunch; local culinary programs or cafeterias are all good sources. Yes, there is a cost, and it is very little compared to the preciousness of time that particular day.
Now, on to the menu.

I suggest you break out some of the items and add, to make an appetizer area ready for guests while they wait for the meal and the bride.

Fruit Tray + Dip- the deluxe tray for 100 plus a few extra quarts of strawberries would be plenty, see fruit tray page
Veggie Tray + Dip- plan 1 pound ready to eat veggies per 10 (about 60 pieces), 1 pint thick or 1 1/2 cups thin dip per pound. Hummus for part of the dip is very nice. Bite counts are on the veggie tray page. Suggest you do raw veggies for 100 and one classic relish tray, same page
Cheese/Crackers Tray- 1 pound cheese per 10, some can be logs or spreads, 6-8 pounds crackers per 100
If you want chips and dips, per 100 6 pounds potato or 8 pounds corn plus 1 pint dip/salsa/queso per pound


Roasted Pig (Pulled Pork)
BBQ Sauce (2-3 different flavors)
Chicken breast-do halves, 1 per person
1 pound whole head on pig per adult
6 buns per 5 people, or 12 sliders
1 gallon sliced pickles per 100
8 pounds sliced onions per 100
1 1/2 gallons slaw per 100
3-4 table quarts sauce per 100
do a crock pot of unchicken nuggets or veggie sausages or burgers;

Potato Salad- about 50 pounds of raw potatoes. Lots of great recipes this site- you could do 2 kinds
Pasta Salad- 8-10 pounds dry pasta plus add-ins, split to your taste
Carrot salad, about 3 gallons total
Baked Beans- 3 gallons (4#10 cans), per 100. Again, 1 pot meatless, not everyone eats pork

Green Beans- 24 pounds ready to cook per100

For beverages, see the beverage planning page

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