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34 pounds of pork loin!
I need to cook 34 pounds of pork loin in one single oven for a wedding buffet. If I cut the loins into 2 or 3-lb portions how long and at what temperature do I need to cook this much meat all at once? Does 1/2 pound of meat per guest (60 guests) seem like enough? - there are 4 other sides being serves as well as bread.


(this is a regularly sized oven, with only one rack)

8 ounces raw is fine. Cutting the loins like that will just give you dried up hunks with much shrinkage. Cook them whole.

Preheat the oven at least 20 minutes. Find another rack (used appliance stores) and/or add an electric roaster.

I like to stuff a pork loin w/ fruit and nuts and cook it indirect at 325-350 for about 90 minutes. Put the fat side up: wrapping the pork loin in bacon is strictly optional. Either way, the pork should rest after cooking for about 15 minutes, and then be sliced into medallions.

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