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Cook Talk

refreshments for 100
We are having a Eagle Scout ceremony and will have refreashments afterwards , This will be middle of afternoon around 3:30pm. How much food do you think i will need, only doing cheese and crackers with pepperoni deli spirals, smoked sausages in sauce fruit tray and veggie tray chips and dip and nuts and cake with punch or do i need to add something
Sorry for the delay, mom went in for a second surgery.

Teens eat, family not as much.

10 pounds sausages, 3 quarts sauce
8 pounds cheese, some can be logs or spreads
6-8 pounds crackers
3 spirals per teen, 2 for everyone else
1 pound ready to eat fruity per 10
1 pound ready to eat veg per 12, pint thick dip per pound
6 pounds nuts
cake- full sheet serves 50-60 gat 2 layer
8 gallons punch. prob some left

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