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Cook Talk

Funeral Reception
Need advice on planning for approx. 300. Family is providing smoked salmon along with beef and pork sliders. Our plan is 3 salads from Costco: Greek Pasta; kale/mixed greens/cranberries & caesar.
In addition 600 mini quiches, humus & crackers,
Costco vegi trays; cheese chunks w/fruit tray, shrimp spread. Can really use advice on figuring quantities and ways to economize.
Not clear how much the family is providing. This will make a serious meal

Greek Pasta; 3 gallons per 100
kale/mixed greens/cranberries, 2 gallons per 100
caesar, least expensive if you mix your own, about 2 gallons per 100
600 mini quiches, OK
humus, 2 gallons per 100, suggest you do some salsa or other dip/spread for part
crackers, 6 pounds per 100
Costco vegi trays, about 20 pounds assorted ready to eat
cheese chunks, 6 pounds per 100, some can be spreads or logs
w/fruit tray, about 20-24 pounds ready to eat fruit
shrimp spread, skip, expensive, do cream cheese spread for part of the cheese

Hope it is a comfort to the family

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