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Need help with Baby Shower Menu
Hi Ellen. I am having a shower brunch for 40 to 50 and am stumped on quantity. Your help would be greatly appreciated. This is my menu:

Mini Bagels
Small Croissants
Egg Salad
Chicken salad
Small 2" Quiches
Small 2" Cinnamon Rolls
Small Danish
Yogurt bar w/
Fruit Salad
Regular and Decaf Coffee
Raspberry Lemonade
A mimosa bar that someone else is taking care of ( I don't need quantity for this but wanted to include that it will be available as well )
Cupcakes in place of a traditional shower cake. Should I plan 1 cupcake per guest.?
Any idea on quantity for plates? I'm planning on using a good quality plastic plate that looks like nice China.
Thank you in advance for your help....

OK, I am going to do for 50, if you expect only 40, cut back about 10%.

Mini Bagels-54 split
Small Croissants- if tiny, 60; just small 54
Egg Salad- 1 gallon
Chicken salad-2 gallons-60

Small 2" Quiches-48
Small 2" Cinnamon Rolls-48
Small Danish-60

Yogurt bar
6-7 quarts, suggest vanilla or honey, berry and peach

Granola 2 1/2 quarts.

Fruit Salad
Suggest you go with fruit trays, prettier, keep better, and leftovers are more usable. See the fruit tray page. 2 strawberries per person, 4-6 other fruit bites, a tablespoon blueberries or raspberries is a bite

Regular and Decaf Coffee, use the breakfast coffee on the beverage planning page, 1/2 the amount for 100
Raspberry Lemonade, 3 gallons
Water, bottled? pint each, buy where you can return unopened

Thank you for your donation and your patience

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