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Grad Party for 225 People
Having a graduation party on a Sunday 1 to 5. I know I have to plan on more food since there are no other parties that day. We are making the food ourselves and are having chicken parm (also looking for a good "crowd" recipe for it, pasta, red skin potatoes, sausage & peppers, salad, and pizza or hot dogs for the kids plus cake for deserts. What amounts do you suggest. Thank you!!!
chicken parm (also looking for a good "crowd" recipe for it,
If you do the pounded and breaded hand fried cutlets, this is a lot of work. You can do a baked breast with marinara and cheese quite simply. 1 piece, about 4 ounces raw, per person

sausage & peppers, 45 pounds equal weight veg

pasta, 20 pounds
red skin potatoes, 50 pounds

salad, use plan for 100 do double plus a bit

pizza- depends on age of "kids" a large pizza serves 6-8 tweens or younger, about 3 teens. You don't need hot dogs with the sausage.

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