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planning menu for 100

I'm putting together the food for a friends wedding and I would love some feedback on portioning/quantities. Since it's hot weather, we're doing a lot of cold things and the theme is Indian inspired.

- Grilled tandoori chicken drumsticks - 60lbs (These run about 3 - 4 drumsticsks per lb)
- Fried basmati rice - ~25 cups pre-cooked
- Shredded slaw with lime-turmeric dressing - 20lbs
- Mixed lettuce/greens salad - 10lbs mix of pre-bagged lettuce, , 3 lbs cherry tomatoes, 3 lbs lemon cucumbers
- 5 quarts salad dressing (Medium thickness, strawberry-lemon-cumin)
- 12 lb grilled and chilled spicy shrimp for salad topping (21-25/lb count)
- Yogurt raita with seasonal roasted veggies - 2 gallons raita, 3 lbs zucchini, 3lbs eggplants,
- Various chutneys (green mint and chilli, tomato, seasonal TBD fruit) - 2 quarts each

One thing related to this that I can't seem to figure out searching online is how many lbs of food can I put into a chaffing dish w/o it possibly breaking?

Thank you!

Chicken be sure you have 2 per person plus some extra. Consider doing chicken leg quarters- Fills plate better, cost about the same, 1 per person plus some extra

Green salad probably short, dressing OK- Usual to figure at least 1 pound per 6

I would add a cooked veg, you may have some vegetarians- could be chilled or maybe a curry- 24 pounds ready to cook veg.

If you are talking about the foil pans, they give up very easily- to the point where I never carry one without a cookie sheet under it. Standard 2 inch deep pan is estimated at 20-24 entree servings, up to 36 side.

Consider putting a selection of the chutneys on each table- takes a bit more, but speeds up the serving line and looks great.

For this type meal, 1 pound rice serves just 6-8

remember that 2 gallons per 100 is a bit less than 1/3 cup per person

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