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Grilled Cheese Bar
I am hosting my sister's bridal shower and thinking of doing a grilled cheese bar. My question is, how much of each ingredient will I need? I am planning on about 30 people, but I wanted to give options on different types of chesses and meat etc.. It seems silly to assume all 30 people will make the exact same sandwich, but I don't want to run out either. How do I plan to have enough fix-ins and enough variety? Any suggestions or guidelines would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Providing the cooking arrangement is one of the most challenging parts of the party. 2 large electric pancake griddles is something of a minimum for 30 people.

A standard loaf makes about 8 sandwiches, so plan on 5-6 loaves, 6 if it will be 30+. This allows some variety, such as sourdough or potato, marble rye, couple of wheat types. Maybe corn tortillas for some quesadillas?

1 pound sliced cheese per 5 (at least 3 1-ounce slices per person- and do get sliced, not shredded), nice melty ones such as cheddars, jack, havarti, muenster, swiss. I don't choose mozzarella or provolone because of their so mild flavor. If it is not an adventurous crowd, do get 1 package of American.

Several pounds very crisp bacon (made ahead)
thin sliced tomatoes-or julienne dried tomatoes in oil
deli sliced meats- about 1 pound each ham, turkey, beef; maybe also 3-4 quarts of tuna salad
green things such as spinach
potato chips
maybe nut butter, sliced black olives, thin sliced red onions or green onions, or very thin sliced apple slices dipped in fruit fresh or orange juice to keep from browning?

plenty of soft butter and very good mayonnaise
mild and spicy mustard

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And many pictures for set up ideas, and cheese variety suggestions, do a google search on "grilled cheese bar" and check on images.

Thanks so much for the info! So, its not a problem if I only get one loaf of white bread if I am offering other options, or a half pound of cheddar chesse? I was afraid to get so little of each ingredient even though there was a variety - like everyone there would want the one ingredient I ran out of lol.

Thanks again

Maybe 2 different whites?
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