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Cooking or 300 pople
Hello. I am cooking for my daughter's party. We are expecting about 300 people. The menu will be green cheese enchiladas, red Chile con Carne, brisket, beans, rice, potatoe salad, and pasta salad. My question is how much of everything do I need to buy?
Cooking for 300 people
Hi, Gloria,

The challenge with the brisket is most everyone will want some, even if they eat all the other good things. Everything else will be seen as side dishes! Do please have someone serve the first round so you don't run out too soon!

Also, this menu calls out for green salad, see the plan for 100 page for help on amounts.

green cheese enchiladas, 5 per each 3 guests
red Chile con Carne, 1/2 cup per person= 9-10 gallons

brisket, 1 pound raw per 3 is someone serves it

beans, 8 pounds dry per 100, or 3 gallons cooked
rice, 8 pounds dry per 100

potato salad,
pasta salad
You could do just one of these for ease- you have other carbs- per 100 35 pounds potatoes plus 5-6 pounds dry pasta OR 45 pounds of potatoes OR 8 pounds of pasta

You are looking at 4 refrigerators to safely store this much food. Plan ahead.

Appetizers? One appetizer service area serves about 100 guests. If you have rotating guests, you would do 2.

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