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Cook Talk

gumbo for 100 wedding reception
having fruit and veggie trays
dips / chips
main course: chicken and sausage gumbo
rice will be on the side
potato salad on side
my question : would 10 gallons be enough to feed 100 ? Also, if i make it in batches and freeze it, how long can it stay in the freezer ?
Actually, 8 gallons. Freeze up to 4 weeks, thaw in refrigerator, ( will take a couple of days), use shallow containers such as 9x13 pans, and don't stack when freezing or thawing, or they will not change temps quickly enough. Don't use containers like 1 gallon ice cream buckets! In home freezers they don't freeze to the center fast enough to be safe.

Make one large crock pot of a mild vegetarian soup for anyone who doesn't eat spice or meat (mushroom, corn chowder, etc)

Have good rolls or bread at least 12-14 pounds plus 3 pounds of butter

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