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Yumm bowl type buffet for 60th birthday party
I am hosting a birthday party that will likely span about 3 1/2 hours, 4:30-8. There will likely be about 25 adults and 5 children, ranging in age from 3-9. I'll give the whole menu but only need quantities checked for the meal. My figures came from your taco bar and quantity pages.

Appetizers: grape tomatoes cut in half with mozzarella pearl between the halves, topped with basil leaf on toothpicks.
Tortilla chips with various dips--spinach-artichoke, salsas, cheese

Yumm-like Buffet

Rice--4+lbs, approximately 30 cups
Grilled chicken, shredded (mix of things and breasts)- 9 lbs
Grated cheese- 3 lbs
Sliced avocado -- not sure 15 small or 8 large?
Diced tomatoes- 2 1/2-3 lbs
Olives--3 cans pitted whole, sliced
Green onions -- 5 or 6 chopped
Salsa--4 cups
Black beans --#10 can
Sour cream--quart..2 lbs
Cilantro. 2 bunches chopped
Sauce-- 8 cups

Ice cream sundae bar, pear tart and probably cookies and other dessert bites

There will be activities in addition to the food.

Thanks for your help

A close clone for the original yum sauce here:

Rice--4+lbs, approximately 30 cups-plenty
Grilled chicken, shredded (mix of things and breasts)- 9 lbs- OK
Grated cheese- 3 lbs- plenty, possibly some left
Sliced avocado -- not sure 15 small or 8 large?- there is a pre-peeled refrigerated pack of 4 peeled halves, 4 would be plenty cubed
Diced tomatoes- 2 1/2-3 lbs-OK
Olives--3 cans pitted whole, sliced- plenty, open 2 and see if you need the third
Green onions -- 5 or 6 chopped- 2 bunches
Salsa--4 cups, might go 6
Black beans --#10 can- too much, 4 #2 1/2 cans plenty
Sour cream--quart..2 lbs- might go 6
Cilantro. 2 bunches chopped- plenty
Sauce-- 8 cups OK, see recipe

Maybe shredded carrots, and suggest sliced toasted almonds or cashew pieces. Hummus is a great side dish for this bowl.

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I will make a donation. Thank you for your help
I'm a little confused. I looked up the quantity in # 2 1/2 cans and it says 3 1/2 c each. x4 that would be 14 cups, but a #10 can is 12 cups. Can you clarify why a #10 can would be too much? Thanks.
I'm sorry, I was thinking about #2- a #10 is OK if you don't mind having a bit left-
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