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Quanity needed for 275 BBQ
Carol Rouly
BBQ for 275 brisket , whole chicken quarters, potato salad, dirty rice , baked beans. Do I need another veg
Plan on at least 4 serving lines if you want to serve everyone in less than an hour.

I would definitely add a salad or slaw, the plan for 100 page has amounts and there are terrific slaw recipes on this site.

brisket, 130 pounds raw weight, Brisket is a coarse raw meat that shrinks about 40 percent, and people take large portions. Suggest you have servers for the first round
whole chicken quarters, 130, cut some apart after cooking for people who only want one piece
Have table sauce, 1 pint per 8-10

Please have a crock pot of vegetarian sausages or patties for non-meat eaters there will be some

potato salad, 35 pounds potatoes per 100
dirty rice, 8 pounds dry per 100

baked beans , 3 gallons (8 pounds dry or 4 #10 cans per 100), Consider having one gallon meatless- not everyone eats pork.

Hope this helps!
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