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self catered wedding -APRIL FOOLS Day
Any suggestions for a menu? Anticipating approx 75 people..mainly all adults. No alcohol. The hall only has a microwave in kitchen ..and sink..and full size fridge.
I am willing to rent heat boxes and chafing .

I wanted to be creative with the menu..considering it is April Fool's day. I've seen quite a bit of fun sweet foods online that are decoys for the actual food. For example..deviled eggs..which are actually sweet cakes with yellow frosting.

Not many people in my group are seafood people; so I was thinking mostly a chicken/beef or pasta option.

It will be buffet style served.

Thanks in advance!

Congratulations on starting far enough ahead!

What time of day and how long will it last? A spring brunch would be a grand opportunity for foolery and less costly than a dinner meal. Or an afternoon mad hatters type tea party reception with lots of the silly treats. Both easier to manage in that unkitchen you are describing!

Write back.

I wonder if I can convince the groom of this?! I love the Mad Hatter idea. I will be sure to give a donation to your site Ellen. This is a very active and helpful I've not encountered online in ages.

The tea party might very well work since the following weekend is Easter and people will be planning a feast for their dinners then.

That would be the MOST fun! And economical= more for the honeymoon!
Well Groom is not thrilled with the idea of the tea party..regardless of savings for honeymoon. He said "my guy friends do not do tea parties!". LOL.. so marriage is about compromise. ...

We are going to have a caterer bring in hot ham sliced thin for slider sandwiches and hot mac and cheese (which we will put in chafing dishes)

Still developing more of the menu ideas!

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