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Cook Talk

I'm having a dinner party for 25.I really want to serve shrimp but not sure it would be affordable.Would it be better to have 2 main entrees,where people would probably eat less shrimp & the other entree or just serve shrimp?
If you serve shrimp as an only main entree, you are looking at nearly a half pound per person.

raw, peeled and cleaned: 15 pounds
cooked, peeled and cleaned: 10 pounds
raw, shell on: 20 pounds

To reduce costs, you might make a mixed dish such as a paella (rice, chicken, seafoods) or a seafood stew like jambalaya or gumbo. Or a shrimp bisque soup and a different entree. Or a shrimp cocktail (about three ounces shrimp per person), either American or Mexican style.

I am self catering my wedding and want to serve Shrimp n Grits. I am planning on 50 people and I know not everyone eats shrimp and most are coming from California and this is why I want to serve our favorite dish (we are getting married in Myrtle Beach, SC). I will also be serving grilled chicken, tortellini's, garden salad, rolls, green beans and yellow rice. How much shrimp and grits should I prepare?
This is a very tough estimate because shrimp is usually wildly popular- for example, people who take rice may take shrimp instead of chicken.

Shrimp entree estimates are on the plan for 100 page, but those are appetizer amounts. You must DOUBLE for entree amounts.

I would do 1/3 the amount for 100= about 35 people, and then 20 peoples' worth of chicken (1/5 the amount for 100). You will see on the plan for 100 list that the amount or weight depends on size of shrimp, whether they are raw, shelled, etc; the weight of chicken will depend on which cuts- 5-6 whole chickens.

Grits, 4 pounds will cook up about right.

Get help- your wedding day is not your cooking day!

Thank you for responding Ellen! Yes I am taking your advice!!
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