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cooking time for 40 lbs of eye of the round
I have to 40 lbs of cook eye of the rounds in 2 ovens with 2 racks and need to figure out how long this will take. Most directions say 20 min. per pound for a 3 lb. round...or less for higher temps. Mine are 5 to 6 lbs each and do not know if i use the total weight of the meat or the weight of 1 piece of meat? Any suggestions?
Do NOT use toyal weight of the meat. See the roast beef page for in fo on how to successfully cook multiple pieces. Best to use a meat thermometer in the smaller piece and cook low and slow for tender juiciness.

Eye of the round looks like a great roast, but it is fairly chewy, especially the smaller end. Low and slow, that's the ticket.

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