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Cook Talk

Electric Roaster
Hi I would like to assemble french dip sandwiches, wrap them in foil and place them in my electric roaster to warm them up and keep them warm. My plan is to have the meat at room temperature, fill the buns and wrap them in foil then stack them in my roaster until ready to serve. How long before my party should I place them in the roaster and at what temperature? There will be about 40 sandwiches.
Not safe and very soggy. The roaster can't heat the sandwiches quickly enough to the safe temperature for the meat.

The safe way to do this is to put the meat and au jus in a covered crock pot and the rolls in the roaster covered at about 300 till warm, then 180. Actually 2 pots for the meat, as you need about 12 pounds. Someone could serve, or just make some extra.

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