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Prime Rib A Day Ahead
I host Christmas every year for about 80 people and make everything myself. I have used the Chef John method of Prime Rib Cooking. High heat and then turn the oven off and keep door closed. The problem is that this ties up my oven. Can I make Prime Rib the day ahead and reheat slowly in my chaffing dish? Thank you!
I have never found a method of reheating prime rib that does not lower the quality.

Also, this cooking method depends on the heavy insulation of the standard oven and can't be used in a roaster oven. So a second oven is a necessity.

If a cook you trust among your guests is nearby, the optimum solution would be to commandeer their oven as the meat oven, freeing yours.

There is a considerable satisfaction in producing a perfect dinner for a group this size. However, would you consider that a way to build stronger community/ family unity/tradition in an ongoing way might be to involve younger cooks in preparing parts of this dinner?

When I had to do this, I struggled with a feeling of loss of control for several events (and indeed, there were some "interesting surprises"), but discovered that others became much more invested in making the day a success, and that I was much less fatigued and thus had more pleasure in the day myself.

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