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Cook Talk

Meal for 150-175 people
How much of the following will I need to serve 150-175 people:
Taco Soup
Toppings:Cheese, Sour Cream, Corn Chips
French Bread, thinking 2 slices per person
Grape Clusters
Apple Slices
If this is to be a meal-size serving for adults, at least 1 quart per 3 of soup as a base, and plan for the maximum possible. 60 quarts or 15 gallons for 180.
There are many different recipes from brothy to bean-thickened.

1 pound shredded cheese per 20
pint sour cream per 16
pound corn chips per 10-12 (some people will take as a side dish.
Cheaper and more authentic to cut corn tortillas into 1/4 inch strips and toast in the oven- and people don't eat as chips- 1 tortilla per 4

Bread 12 pounds per 100

Cookies, get small ones, 3-4 per person
Grapes, 1 pound per 10, get less
Apple slices, 1 ounce per person

Locally, when this is served as the meal, a side dish of Spanish rice (8 pounds dry per 100) and some kind of chopped lettuce salad is offered.

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