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Baked Mosticholi for 200
Scared to death promised to make for brothers wedding oin 2 days. Please advise me. Email me pray for me.
Start now. If this is the only starchy side, use at least amounts below. Find out what oven space; critical to get all cooked on time.
You will have best flavor and texture if baked day of just before serving, but can be assembled day before. If cold, it may increase cooking time up to 10%.
Cook pasta just underdone before assembling. I f you cook done, it will end up mushy.

20 pounds pasta
20 pounds cheeses (mozzarella etc)
20 pounds cottage cheese or ricotta
5 pounds Parm/ romano
20 quarts tomato sauce of choice
If adding meat, 1 pound per pound pasta, cooked and drained, Italian seasoning and dry parsley to taste

25 pounds pasta with everything else increased if this is a main dish.

Each pound pasta and fixings fills one 9x13.
Greased 18 x26 x 2 pan holds 3 pounds dry pasta and fixings.
Preheated oven at 350, bakes about 1 hour. Use thermometer in middle to check temp is 180. Turn oven to 180/200 to hold

Baked Mostaccioli for 200
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