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How to cook chopsuey for 100 pax?
I would like to know how to cook chopsuey for 100 pax and what are the ingredients? Thank you
There are three kinds of chop suey common in the USA-

American chop suey , which is actually a macaroni casserole with tomato sauce, hamburger and cheese

Chop suey from cans (I think of it as 50's chop suey) made with canned bean sprouts and other canned vegetables, which is sort of a stewy dish and is often describes as "better the next day".

Stir fry chop suey, which is made with fresh veg and meats quickly sauteed. Lots of veggies- the most time is spent cutting these up.

I assume you want the 3rd. The only big problem with this is you need a really big grill, or a lot of big fry pans/ woks, to cook it for 100 people at once.

This only requires about 9-10 kilos of meat for 100 if you have lots of veggies and plenty of rice. Is this the recipe you need? Write back.

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